camel toes, sloppy joes, and certified hos

"23" by jew, "boo! you whore", a good book, an air of mystery, apples slices with cinnamon, awkward tampon commericals, backyard hockey rinks, baking chocolate chip cookies, beautiful smiles, becoming a rap superstar, bedrooms illuminated by tealights, body lotion that shimmers, boys with perpetual bedhead, breakfast in bed, breaking down walls, campfires without the smoke, candlelit bubble baths, catching fireflies in jars, cheese bread, cherry candy canes, childhood innocence, chocolate-covered strawberries, christmas lights in bedrooms, christmas morning, comfortable silences, common decency, crashing my dirt bike, crazy golf-cart adventures, creativity, curious george, deep voices, drinking wine, elegance, environmental psychology, exercising my imagination, exploring abandoned houses, fabulous hair days, face smothering hugs, feeling at home, feverish touches, film festivals, forensic anthropology, forensic nursing, fred durst's "o" face, free cheese samples, frozen grapes, genuine people, getting lost in music, giggling in church, giving peace a chance, hanging out with pyromaniacs, having room to breathe, hearing garage bands practice, heightened sexual tension, homer simpson's anecdotes, impromptu serenading, inappropriate jokes, intelligence, intelligent debate, intoxicated dancing, jumping on hotel beds, just knowing you're there, knowing what to say, krishnamurti, late nights with you, laughing during horror films, leggings, life, lying underneath the stars, making dreams reality, making sense, making snow angels, mending your wings, midnight car rides, mixed cds as presents, monkeys, museums, music, my sexy little ipod, natural sophistication, night shift delirium, night skiing, nursing, old libraries, old-school nintendo, orchids, paper napkin poetry, pediatrics, people-watching, peter griffin's bathroom humour, philosophical pillow talk, photography, playing call of duty, playing hard to get, pointing out milk moustaches, post pillow fight laughter, post-it love notes, pretending to be shakira, pretty lingerie, quirky films, quoting mean girls, rainforests, reading autobiographies, red licorice as straws, reminiscing, running away from elephants, sarcasm, sardonic wit, self-discovery, smalls of backs, smelling good, snow, snuggling up real close, soft touches, song lyrics with substance, space monkey popsicles, spiketv csi marathons, spontaneity, stimulating conversation, summer afternoon rollerblading, sunday afternoons, surf culture, sweat-dripping yoga sessions, take off your underpants!, taking walks during dusk, talking in fake accents, the 60's, the smell of autumn, the word "tummy", three-hour porch conversations, tobogganing during the summer, unconventional beauty, unexplored secret gardens, uninhibited laughter, unplugging the telephone, vanilla anything, vegetarianism, vodka, waking up feeling refreshed, walking around ikea, wandering around aimlessly, watching you sleep, wearing mittens, wiping away tears, wisdom, wishing at 11:11, worn-out oversized sweatshirts, x-rated shadow puppets, yummy smelling boys, zoo animals getting freaky